Friday, October 10, 2008

The Global Financial Crisis and do we deal with it?

Honestly, I'm quite sick of reading and hearing about all the gloom and doom in the past few months. This crisis is more mysterious to me than the path to enlightment! Seriously, how do we really know how much money a bank really has or doesn't have, or if the government actually bailed out a financial institution? Why should we trust the media? All of the bank/government bailout approaches seem mere 'band-aid' solutions to much larger fundamental problems and questions. Do we really need financial markets at all? What is a free market? What does this tell us about human nature? Where are we heading as a society? Both Obama's and McCain's economic policies seem archaic...can't the great minds of the world come up with greater solutions and alternatives? Can't they think "outside the box"? We are slaves of these systems that have been created..the markets, money, etc....we seem to be regressing as a society. Humanity is ready for something more innovative and revolutionary to move forward. I don't know what will happen in the future..only history will tell. I wonder how this period in our history will be viewed in 50 or 100 years: "The Age of Greed and Stupidity"? Something to think about...

But it is difficult to deal with all this uncertainty and chaos around the world as citizens of any country. How do we cope with the stress? Eat more Ben and Jerry's ice cream? That's what I've been doing lately, and that's why I felt compelled to write this post...for my own sanity!

I have to say I didn't make time for yoga this week and turned to unproductive and unhealthy behavior. I think my frustration levels reached at all time high until I got on the mat today and finally resumed my practice. I felt so much better after doing a few sun salutations and just moving on my breath. I felt less stressed and saw things with more clarity and insight. Yoga works. Anyway, so if you're feeling like I was, step onto the mat and move :) Below is a short clip from Dr. Mehmet Oz about how yoga can help us deal with stress in our lives:

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