Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Maintain a Long Spine..."

I must say this in class about 20 times. It's so important to maintain a long spine in yoga and in every day life to protect your back and posture. The spinal column is the single most important skeletal system to maintain and keep healthy for a long, pain-free life. Here's an overview of your spine (see picture):

There are three main sections of the spine:
Cervical - the seven vertebrae of the neck
Thoracic - twelve chest vertebrae supporting the ribcage
Lumbar - five vertebrae of the lower back
Pelvis and Sacrum – there are also five bones fused together to form the Sacrum, as well as three to five bones that form the coccyx or tailbone.

There are many poses or asanas in yoga that can help you to strengthen the muscles around your back and your core to hold up your skeleton. Just another reason to do yoga!!

Blessings and Namaste,


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