Sunday, July 5, 2009

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Child

My nephew visited me in Ireland yesterday..almost 2.5 years old... I wish I could somehow regress to a time where I could see the world as he does, through his eyes, with the innocence, excitement and the anticipation of trying something new, meeting someone for the first time, the way he worships and just enjoys people for who they are without any outside influence that might spoil that emotional sense of being. It is a shame that as we mature, we lose that ability to do things for just the shear pleasure of trying something new without hesitation or fear or worry about what others might think of that decision to do it in the first place...He has no fear of the unknown, doesn't have the capacity for hate, and trusts those around him to care and nurture him. He looks at another child as a potential playmate, someone to have fun with at the park. He doesn't think about the color of that child's skin or even what language that child speaks. I think about how innocent his gestures are and that he will eventually at no fault of his own, learn about prejudice, and fear of the unknown. Believe me, not from me, but from other's around him, the media and other outside influences. He will learn the cruelty of ethnic jokes, how sometimes religion can even in an innocent way, make others less tolerant of your beliefs and how people have a way of judging you by a name or the way you may look. I hope and pray that even though he will be subjected to that, he will never lose his ability to think as an individual and to stand up for what he knows is the right thing to do.

Blessings and Namaste,

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