Monday, September 14, 2009

Yoga as Medicine: Meditation and Pranayama (Breathwork) Course

Description: Pre-and post-meditative asanas are used to prepare and restore the body for meditation, while the ancient tools of pranayama, visualization, and mantra are used to still the mind. This class will leave you feeling centered and more in tune with your true self. Open to all levels and great for those recovering from stress, illness or disease.

4b St Patricks Rd, Dalkey
Starting on Wednesday,October 21st, at 6pm (6 week course)
Sign up by email or call: or 087 232 2481
Blessings and Namaste,


Parmesh Rudra Joshi said...

Anna I adore ur writing about Yoga. Truly It is greatest thing in universe. By which u can get anything in life. or after it.

ANNA said...

Yes indeed Parmesh! Do you practice yourself! Thanks for your comment :) Namaste.

sfauthor said...

Nice blog. Do you know about these pranayama books?