Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Reason & Season (beautiful poem from

The Reason & Season
by Mastin Kipp
The path of your heart will lead you many places

And most of the time
You won't know why

The alchemy
Of trusting the mystery
Pulls your dreams down from the sky

And if you see the edge ahead
And are afraid that you
Might die

But the edge you see
Is your opportunity
To grow your own wings and fly

Remember that
Life changes with the season
And when you think that
Your love is leavin'
Sometimes things fall apart
And break your heart
To let the love within be the feelin'

So leap off the edge
And say

And when you jump you'll see
You've been set free
And it's only your fear that's meant to die

So just let go
And start believin'
You don't need to have
A reason
If you don't know where to start
Follow your heart
Cuz love is never out of season

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