Monday, June 20, 2011

Yoga and Healthy Cooking Retreat in Turkey (June 2011)

I just wanted to share some memories and photos from our Turkey Yoga and Healthy Cooking Retreat. I partnered with my dear friend, Jennifer Iserloh, (aka Skinny Chef) to provide daily yoga and cooking lessons close to Antalya in Turkey. Thank you to everyone that came! It was a beautiful group of people from the United States, Switzerland and Ireland. Thank you to Jennifer Iserloh (for her delicious detox recipes and lessons), to Uli Iserloh(for his technical support and overall kick-butt reliability), to Anna Csoenge (for her amazing snorkeling abilities), to Alice Carroll (for her fantastic restorative yoga lesson), to Nora Dillon (for her infectious smile and medical expertise), to Reena Shah (for her glowing inner and outer beauty), to Mary and Susan Dowd (for their exemplary mother-daughter relationship and amazing enthusiasm), to Imelda Condon (for her naughty smile and fun-loving resilience), to Amy Faery (for keeping us laughing at all times), to Suzanne Fagan (for the determination she brought to all the yoga classes), to Chef Mustafa and the staff at Heliotrope for their exceptional service and yummy vegetarian cooking! I learned something from each of you :)
Blessings and Namaste,

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