Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conscious Sadhana

My sadhana is to meditate for 20 minutes every morning (no exceptions).

"Sadhana means a practice of self-discipline that allows one to express the Infinite within one's self. It is a time each day to notice the patterns that lead away from higher consciousness and to transcend those patterns. Sadhana is a conscious activity. We consciously choose to rise up, to exercise the body , and to meditate. Each day is different. Each day, we are different. every 72 hours all the cells of the body totally change. Sickness comes and goes. Motivation waxes and wanes, but through all the flux of life, through all the variations of the mind and heart, we consciously choose to maintain a constant and regular practice."

Yoga Bhajan

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

1. Forgive yourself and others.

2. Practice Gratitude and Appreciation.

3. Live each day as though it were your last.

4. Meditate or Pray. I will add YOGA to this one!

5. Suspend Judgment: One judges another to feel less guilty about one’s own misgivings. Judgment energy is dense, dark and heavy. ON the other hand, unconditional acceptance is light, free and accepting.

6. View every experience as a gift.

7. Stay consciously aware of all your thoughts and feelings: It is easy to fall into negative patterns of complaining and feeling like a victim of society and your life. When you catch yourself in the negative zone, don’t feel badly about it and beat yourself up. Simply choose to switch your consciousness to one of gratitude and positive thinking.

8. Treat your physical body as your temple: Your body is the only vehicle you’ve been given for this ride called life. The better you care for your body by eating a healthy, balanced die, and by implementing a regular exercise routine, and by giving your body the rest it requires, the more you will experience increased energy, vitality, joy and freedom.

9. View the world through the eyes of a child.

10. Give love, love, love from your heart.

from the Indian Times

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformational Wkend Retreat with me and Dee Daly: October 14-16, 2011 at the Coolattin Lodge in S. County Wicklow

October is all about transformation. The trees become brilliant shade of color and even the food we eat changes at the fall harvest makes its way to our tables. Yoga and a healthy diet have the power to transform your lives, and it’s never too early or too late to start. Instructors Anna Fidz, MA, RYT and nutritionist Dee Daly, BA, HDip, DipNT, mNTOI will blend advice and practice for vibrant and transformational health through yoga and diet.

-90-minute yoga and meditation twice/day
-three meals per day and daily cooking lessons
-free time to read, walk, social or be alone

Accommodations: Coolattin Lodge - you are taken back in time in the atmosphere of this beautifully preserved Victorian courtyard, its fine old cut stone country house and attractive stone arched guest houses and farm buildings. Less than 1.5 hours from Dublin.

TO REGISTER: Retreat fee: €390 (accommodation, all meals/day, yoga and cooking classes - everything excluding transportation to retreat). Spaces are limited to 12 people. To reserve your spot, a €200 non-refundable deposit is due by August 1
with the remainder due by Sept. 12th, 2011. For more info/detailed schedule, contact Anna at ( or