Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Yoga is Like Life Coaching

We are at a critical time in human evolution, a time when we can generate true shifts in consciousness. To that end, there is a growing movement of people who want to exemplify truth, caring and consistency in the world. The values we cultivate in coaching, noted below, resonate from yoga practitioners to teachers of all kinds and back.

Oneness: A recognition that everything is universally connected, with a deep regard for how you impact yourself and others, using your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Truth: Not only the ability to know, evaluate and say what you really think, but also living your life in alignment with your truest, highest ideals for yourself.

Alignment: The understanding that wherever you're holding yourself back from being honest, you're suffering the results of that misalignment. And when you're truly living your dream, you're aligned, open, capable of fearless communication and ready for anything.

Love: Truly loving yourself and others means coming from a place of balance, in which you can regard your own truth -- and that of another -- with equal weight and respond from your heart in any moment.

The above is from the article by Elena Brower and Laurie Gerber: " Why Yoga is Like Life Coaching" from the Huffington Post. For the complete article go to:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To See Things As They Really Are

"To stop labels from becoming judgments is a practice and a process, eventually evolving into a radical realization: In any experience, if I can become aware of the labels that rise to the surface, I can then also tune into associated assumptions and actual feelings triggered at a subtler level. Then, by making an effort toward awareness and balance, I start to see where I can inject choice into the equation. That itself is the first taste of freedom, opening up into a space in which we experience things in a fresh, new way -- closer to the way they really are." (from the The Neurobiology of 'Labeling' by Viral Mehta).

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011