Saturday, August 16, 2014

Intimacy and Energetic Impact (on your aura especially)

When a man and a woman engage sexually, there is an automatic exchange of vital fluids.  This exchange is recorded in their respective auras … It is extremely important, then, that you be fully aware when you open your energy field to another.  When you begin to get intimately involved with someone, do so within the boundaries of a protective aura and keen, self-protective intuition.  The bonding must be right.

Sex without love depletes one’s vitality and deranges the emotions.  Sexual contact with many partners transfers the toxins that are secreted.  These toxins can circumvent a person’s immune system and lodge deep in the deep tissues.  Moreover, when we have several sexual partners, these partners show up in our electromagnetic field creating a clouded aura whose light has faded.  People with multiple partners always look older than they actually are.  If you have sex with such a person, one with a weakened immune system and shrunken aura, you too will be depleted of your vitality.

(source from yogic philosophy)

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